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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Semester Two Chapter 1

Semester II is now here. Four to five months left to be endured here at the peak of Puncak Alam and do the very best and squeezed the brain and whatsoever efforts we have to kick a leg in order to achieve amazing pointers. But still, only been there for a week, and I already got bored. Hahaha :D Seriously, I got bored so easy.

On Monday, the 22nd, a talk was conducted by the UPU officers or whatever they called regarding the way to do the online application for our degree level. Seriously, I have some objections on the very talk. But I will tell you later in other post. 

So, a week had passed. Now, left with 13 weeks if I am not mistaken. Being in the new mass lecture group is not fun I tell ya. I can only smile there since I got my favourite lecturers back, like Prof Ahmad, whom like to attack me in the lecture hall, but I like that, literally speaking. Well, the previous mass group B consisting of other group B's was better in term of chemistry. I don't know, I just feel like we are all belong together. Now, being the only B group in the new mass group, felt bizarre a bit. We are now gathered with group D1 and D3, which are comprising of all boys. The other groups are all girls group, and left with us, the only 'mixed' group. 

Everyday, we have to be more punctual than ever and early to class. The boys group always on the head to snatch the front seats in the halls, so it is kinda hard for us the girls to get the front seats. Everyone now with the new spirit, and no one wants to sit at the back, except those who are really 'coward' to sit in front. Hahaha. My friend who came early, booked the front seats for her and her friends, and she went out a while before the lecturer came in. Without her noticing, the boys, started to fill in the front seats, and snatched the seats she had booked earlier. They didn't even care whether the seats have already been reserved. Even if we put our bags or notebooks on the seats, the boys will just pick them up, and put them aside, then take away the seats. Hahaha. Now it is the battle between two genders! No more late comers!

Em, going to class is fun, because seeing the friends who can chat a lot is the best thing ever. We need to talk to live! Seriously, I can't talk that much with my roommate, and being in the room is so boring that I can be dead of boredom. The other housemates now, being really silent, and probably they were doing their studies? But, I hate silence! I wanna chaos! and VOICES!

Thanks to my whole life world funniest friend, Dina Azureen, for being there for me. She cheered my day like always. Thanks for the morning jog, and I knew you were damn sleepy that morning, but still I forced you. Thanks for not being sleepy. And not to mention, thanks for willing to return to our math lecture hall after it ended, because I accidentally, dropped my matriculation card there. I don't know what will I be if you weren't there :') 

And, it is great to have Azneeza, Azyan, Eliz and Adibah and Jira as well. I like talking to them all! :) And yeah, let's make semester II better for the last of it. 

>>p/s: I am sorry for those I hurt either by accident or purposely. I am sorry that I can like you like you like me. Sometimes feelings can't be forced, and sometimes, we have to bear in mind that, when we have no vibes with some people around us, even if they are nice and kind, it is probably due to the difference of frequency Plus, give space for people, when people got annoyed and pissed. Period.<<<


Calvin Charles said...

Nice story, dayana...... keep it up.....

Megat Azfar said...

sangat tertarik bile booking tempat tu. langsi giler laki tu. btw, not fair la main booking2..pastu bla. booking untuk die sorang oke la tu. lau her friend, and her friend's friend.. urghh!!