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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Habis juga. Opening a new page.

Finally, this is it! The final semester 1 break is over. In a flash, I tell ya. Like always, I'd say,  "Wow, sekejapnya cuti! Seriously cepat:'("

And, yeah today, I figured out, even it's a holiday or the normal college day, nothing would be fun. Just plainly boring as it is. Many plans didn't work out. Movies marathon was not been completed and accomplished due to several reasons. Now, this is boring. 

In a couple of minutes, I'll be heading to a wedding reception, my cousin sister is married to a tall-good looking guy :D and yeah, I am still single (saje bagitau). Then, heading to Mak Teh's house, which is a very good place to eat lavish food and seeing Khayra Amani whom is the cutest niece in the whole life world. After that, the end of Sunday, and Hello Puncak Alam, and Semester II. 

Hopefully, I make it through with a big smile on my face, and yeah, getting more physical. For the deathly stairs, yeah, you too, will I see later on. And, to see most of my favorite bloggers in the Daragoy section, to post nice posts of theirs is a joy, but the one I like most is dead. I mean not literally. But, yeah, he is just dead. Being grown up, is a bad thing after all. For me la, not for you of course. 

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