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Friday, 8 January 2010

Bronchitis? Gulp:(

My weak body, weakened due to the super-duper-weak immune system. Can you guys believe that, just because of having Cappuccino ice blended a week ago, I have to suffer from this bad condition of sickness namely BRONCHITIS. >.<

Well, it happened when I was childishly saw this new-ice blended kiosk in Metro Kajang a week before. I happened to be wanting that ice blended so much, even though I am not the kind of person, that like cold beverages or such. Meowww...and it cost me 3 ringgit...

It was not as delightful as Star bucks' but I guess it was worth the money. So, I drank it with all my might. (mcmlah susah sgtkan:()) Anyhow, at night, suddenly, I shivered, my head was so heavy, as if I had experience an enormous impulsive force on the head. I could not sleep that night, I feel irritated on the throat, and my eyes swollen because of insufficient sleep.

The next day, my family and I went to Ikea, and I again felt terrible. Ikea is a gigantic, showrooms of furniture, so I was so exhausted walking in that humongous building. I told my aunt I felt like vomiting, and so, the entire family got out of the place.

So, I was really sick. And yesterday, my father reckoned me to see our personal doctor, Dr. Mazlan whom owned a clinic nearby. Well, the exact purpose to see him, was to ask his opinions on studying medicine, since his daughter is also pursuing the studies in Egypt. I told him about studying in Russia, and he said, Russia is definitely not a good option. This is due to the racism problem and also the lack of conduciveness of the country. He recommends Egypt as the best place. But I still have to wait for my SPM results, and very anxious about it, because my entire dream depends on it.

Besides, I was diagnosed to have BRONCHITIS as I mentioned earlier. An acute inflammation of the air passages within the lungs due to infection or other cause such as inhaling smoke and etc. Go here to find out more {Bronchitis, what is it?}


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Bronchitis? That serious? How come so sudden.

dayana|azhar|mohd|arshad said...

yeah....i m jot joking....its real...and now i kene ambik gas mcm orang asthma at least 4 times a day.....