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Saturday, 20 February 2010

I Suck At The Track

Yo!!~ This is basically the sequel for my last post which I hurriedly typed this morning.

So, yes, I went to the track. The F1 TRACK hahaha....ok fine, so it was not the F1 track, I am not even eligible to drive the F1 cars, so why bother going there?

The parking lot, the place where I am "great" at :(

I went to the L and P track, yes, like you all know, to finish off what I've started, the driving license. I have gotten the L license which stands for LEARNED. Now, I am learning to play with the clutch and gear, the brake peddle and whatsoever machinery tools there are in the car, so that I could do my own driving. And, yo! It takes so LONG to have this P license.

This is the dearly-hideous kancil that I drove will all my might just now

The track I was talking about located far away from home, in Broga, Semenyih. If you readers have ever been to Nottingham University (the Malaysian campus lah, not the one in England), you will probably know, if not, then, never mind.

I went there with my instructor of course, who was practically I assumed as friendly, but now, I think he's a bit TOO OPEN MINDED. I really need a company to be with him. Another friend, a girl friend in the car...OH PLEASE!!~ or...I might just have to keep away my negative thoughts?? Yeah perhaps yes...

And...yeah like the above title...I SUCK AT THE TRACK a lot. And perhaps it was due to this mood swing I had since I woke up. I couldn't do good with the clutch and with the steering wheel, and everything was like so terrible. I suck at the "parking" lesson, which I almost got mad at the instructor. And he said,

"Dayana....awak ni terlalu gabra"

....ok....what is gabra?? A fish???

yeah!!~ succeeded on the mini hill!~

Anyhow, I will be off to the track again tomorrow, to improve the way I am driving since the test will be on this dearly upcoming 5th March....yo!! Everything comes at once, not to mention the semester 1 examination at college on the 8th of March...I am becoming crazy!!~ Lunatic!!~

Catch your eyes with those crazy pictures of mine....

Ok. I think I will be blogging passively from now on
to focus on things that have to
be done first.

Oh....SPM RESULTS ....will be announced this 25th Feb 2010:??????!!!!
Make me wanna do GAGA


Фахми ファーミ فهمي said...

R u sure it's on 25?coz my fnd told me it's on 16 of March.

dayanaazhar:) said...

ah...sorry, no, it was my mistake listening to rumours...yes...25th is for STPM....not SPM....sorry