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Thursday, 4 March 2010

AfterSchool Study Consultant

I am home, sitting on this comfy chair, and being online. Opening my email as always, and opps, encountering one message, from After School Study Consultant.

The message was sounded like this....

Dear Student,

Indonesia is one of the most affordable options to pursue your dream of becoming a doctor as it offers good quality education plus value for money.

However, students must be careful in picking the right institution as not all these institutions are accredited by the Malaysian government. In fact, we know of many students who were cheated by student agents claiming the institutions were in the process of gaining accreditation.

We want to help budding doctors out there make the right choice. We have a few doctors on board to help you with your queries. One of them was a victim of such a 'syndicate'. He was convinced by an agent to study in a Russian medical college with the promise that it would soon be accredited. After two years, he realised it was getting nowhere and quickly switched to a university in Indonesia. He has finally completed his medical degree (after almost eight years, including two wasted years) and is attached as a houseman in Indonesia.

We can help. If you are considering doing medicine in Indonesia and not sure how to go about it, you can ask your questions in two easy ways.

1. Join our Discussion on our Facebook Fanpage at (You have to become a fan of this group and go to Discussion Board)

2. Email your questions to

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely, Study Consultants

and...again it put me on the dilemma pole.

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