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Friday, 26 March 2010

Cooking with magnets

Let's us see, how we can forget the matches, using the gas, using the "normal dapur" to cook our meals.

Thanks to a technology from Germany, now we have these:)

No more luminous flame no more soot. See the white plate. place your stainless steel pot on top, and let the power of electric and magnet do the magnetisation which will then heat up the base of the pot, and simultaneously, heating up food inside:) Busy moms won't no longer need to nag when it comes to wash the sooty pots. Hehehe.

The buttons are so neat. This stove doesn't require any aid from the gas to fire it up. Thus, after switching it on, the on/off button like you can see above must be pressed lightly. It's a very sensitive button, so no need pressing it hard. You can then decide whether you want the heat to be at its minimum or maximum, depends:) And, actually, there're different modes for this stove to function, depending on the food you are going to cook. For example, for soup, it has its own mode, and just turn to this mode, and voila the soup will be ready in secs. No kidding:)

Within a few seconds, you can see that water in the pot starts boiling. Well, as for me, it's easier to boil water using this magnetic stove, because it's so quick compared to the conventional one. Plus, you won't feel the heat at the pot's external surface. Hehehe:)

So, it's so cool, that, we can now actually use magnetisation in cooking. It's the power of science, the magnificence of physics and these all came from Allah HIMself. 

The Price for this stove is RM 3800.

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