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Friday, 26 March 2010

Is he a doctor?

SOrry is the only word that could I typed down here as to apologize if you followers who tend to read my blog see it as a diary. I know, that those who are happy will never write anything called a diary because he or she will be too occupied to do so, as their life is so fun and amusing. Maybe mine is 50-50, and why? The reason is because I made it so. I just like to torture my life as if I like to be occupied and to be frank, I too want a more freedom life. But, that's only in dreams. In realities, business and problems and troubles are those which make up a term called "life" love.

OOps..looks like I am going far astray from the above title. To cut it short, yesterday, I went to the clinic again for an appointment. My asthma haven't recovered which made it so difficult to breath and to talk. As my name was called upon, I made myself available into the doctor's office. I was dumbfounded. He is the most charming doctor I've ever met. The heart starts this enormous pounding sensation. It was sensational. It was, well, I do not like the feeling at all. Actually I love it:)

His name is Dr. Faiz, which I assumed as young and handsome. I think mostly all girls by my age would got struck by cupid upon meeting him. He asked me what's wrong. I told him about the bad sore throat and having a bad fever since 2 days ago. But, after that, our conversation was more friendlier. He asked me what I have been up to since SPM is over, and I told him I am doing foundation to become a medical doctor. He grinned happily when he heard that, and I must tell you it was a very intriguing smile. Sweet but then again charming. 

"Oh, it's look like your lungs are doing just fine, I think you will heal in a tick of time" 

That's what he said after diagnosing my breath. He then again, grinned and told me that it's good that I know what's been happening in the Malaysian's matriculation system. When our time together had been almost over, he warmth me with an advance of congratulation and wish me all the best to achieve my dream as a doctor. It's a soon to be. No matter what it takes. I just need to overcome whatever possibilities in the afterlife. 

So, it's too bad that I didn't ask for his number just in case I am sick in the middle of nowhere and he could be there to see what's wrong, ok, maybe I didn't have his number at the end nor a photo of him to prove that he is charming. However, it was a chance of a lifetime, to be struck upon by a doctor. Is he a real doctor? Oh. Hope could see him again one day. And I am waiting for the day itself. Hehehe. The End

    thank you for having time dealing with this intuition of mine.  

1 comment:

adwin H said...

haha! a few days ago i went to a clinic for medical check up.
the medical assistant was, OMG, so handsome! but! =.=

i went to his room, i saw him busy with a mirror in his hand and another hand on his face. memang khusyuk sangat-sangat! only when i knocked the door that he realised that i was there.

my dad said he's really shy to women/girls. haha

*get well soon*