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Monday, 22 March 2010

Priority Of A Woman

Today, as I was sitting in the train heading back to Kajang, I saw a woman about the age of 30 and a small boy who I assumed as his son. The woman wore a very rugged t-shirt and she didn't put anything on to make herself look more attractive. However, I was so delightful when I saw the way she took care of her son. She fed him and she wiped the boy's face a few time showing care and tender. 

Soon I began to wonder. Perhaps, a few decades ago, the woman, never thought that she would be like that. Maybe, at the teenage years, she might had been thinking of becoming a princess. A beautiful dress, and putting a lot of make ups, driving luxurious car, having a rich husband, and a happy-ever after life with her family. Maybe she had never thought of becoming rugged, fat, non-attractive and had a son. 

Now, let's go back to the above title. As a soon-to be grown up woman, I sometimes, do have the visions of becoming a great person. At this age, I rather look at what I'm going to be, what career will I pursue in the near future. I bet my family know how badly I have this passion for science and Biology and how I really want to be a doctor from a start. I never thought of being married nor having children, so there where the debate between my mom and I comes a few days ago.

According to dear mom, I am a moderate student. I have a very slight capability to pursue medicine since my results in SPM and at college didn't brighten her mood. I have been a slow-catcher and maybe I have to take other courses as my second option. Besides, I also have this doubt about being a medical doctor. Failing to get scholarships is another problem, which worsen my condition. But, there are a lot of other scholarships which of course very little of them offering to do medicine. Thus, to be successful, I have to rethink and reconsider which path that I am most suited in. 

My mom did tell me once, that as a woman, soon later when you reach to a certain age, you might want to marry, have kids and want to quit working. Women's place is still at home with kids. While, according to her again, if I become a doctor, I would be incredibly busy attending working schedules which I already take note. My father agreed with my mom in this matter as well. So, it's really difficult for me to continue my passion and attaining what I want without having their full supports. I have difficulties in finance as the secong thing which make me dizzy, as I know I will put them in a heavy burden if I did want to continue doing medicine at Russia. However, I do want to study medicine despite any challenges ahead, and at the same momento, I couldn't hurt or burden my family since I'm the eldest child in the family. 

Therefore, here are my second options: pursuing actuarial science after listening to some advice by a lecturer from UiTM. It's a sad thing for me which cause me to have this bad fever, and somehow or rather, I wish goodluck to those who successfully on their way to reach their dream. 

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