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Monday, 29 March 2010

We Never Know The Future: Poor Boy

Shakir is his name. He was just the same age as my little naughty brother and they were good friends as far as I know. I still remember how I got to know him. He was always with his good buddy named Aliff, and as far as I concern both of them were very cheeky and sarcastic. Shakir was active in badminton and other sports endeavors, but he was not that popular among the teachers. He somehow a very talented and hardworking person.

The last time I saw him was of course last year, but we didn't clinch that well. However, when I was in my form 4 years, he and aliff always got on my nerves. The most memorable one when they disturbed my "cheap date" with my so-called ex boyfriend. Then, there was nothing more I can tell about him.'

I was so shocked to see him at school on last saturday, where his condition was no similar to what I've been expecting. My brother told me he is now halfly paralyze from head to toe due to an ailment, in which my brother himself quite unsure. He went to the stage with a shiver hand and couldn't walk properly. I cried when I saw him like that, never thought it would be that bad. 

I just hope that Shakir could later heal and regain normal. He had such a bright future, and now I just hope and pray that he won't miss anything. Such a waste if he did. For you readers, maybe you don't know who's Shakir, but please pray for him. Like I mentioned, we never know the future. It can change in a tick of time, without we realising it. Therefore, it has to be an urge for me to ask you guys to always appreciate for what you have now and for what you are now. That's all. Wallahualam.

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