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Monday, 1 March 2010

Why they laugh?

Hi people. I hope you guys had a wonderful Monday, since I had a bad one. Monday hates me for sure, so no way I can make it to love me. Seriously, today I decided to wake up as earlier than I used to do, and reached the railway station earlier than usual. It was 7.15 am. The train appeared in front of my sight. There were so many empty spaces inside, which was a good thing. However, I ignored the train, and made up my mind, to take another train. Don't ask me why? Because the same answer will I give. The laziness. 

Today at college was nothing bizarre. It was biology, and I had a test. When I reached the lab, my friends were already there, each and every one of them busily reading the biology notes. I also did the same thing, which was cliche'. My whole soul was not in the class. I don't know, I just felt like I haven't been the real me. I have been a slow poke. I have been so terrible in memorizing facts. I have been a terrible student in getting things done right as I expected them to be. Maybe that's why people said, life is like a rolling ball. Up and down of lives are the norm thing that we have to face in daily life. Euuuw..should we? 

I have been trying to rejuvenate my self and confidence by posting ideology and "strength" phrases in Facebook. It is such a pathetic thing to do. Mom kept pursuing me to do good, and I am trying so hard. Maybe I have been keeping my faith astray these whole while. That might be the reason why I lost the precious gift I used to have.

Thanks to a friend last night, "studying" in the cyber world was not as bad I thought it would be. Well, I had been doing the same thing with Naqib for SPM too last year. And, I miss Naqib, somehow or rather. But, so much thanks to that friend last night, that I think I can do my test a lot better. :) Thanks again fahmi!

And, today in class, while Miss Jamie was busily trying to tell us kids the guidance for the upcoming examination, my cell phone rang. I was really sure that I had been keep it in the silent mode, and how did it ring again? Fine, I was glad it was not a phone call, rather it was a message, and yeah, I've been using this annoying loud message tone that ends with 

"You've got a message". 

The whole class looked at me, as if it was the weirdest thing happening in class. And, then they broke of the silent by intense laughing out loud. Still, I can't detect the humour in the way my phone rang. What's so funny anyway?

Ah...or maybe, I am having a shielding effect from laughing, in which I am like a slow bulb, that is difficult to accept jokes and laugh about it. Har har har....where's the funny part?

suffering from a simultaneous headache and heart-wretching moment

nak watch ALICE, sape nak ikut date....tgk sama2?

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Anonymous said...

lol.. dayana.. we laughed coz ur message ringtone is damn funny, seriously! it started with da usual nokia ringtone 'tenet, tenet' then suddenly got all hyper! lol.. :p dats y we laugh la.. dun b mad k..