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Monday, 19 April 2010

I just fail again

It is true that even though you had worked hard for something, pray day and night for it to come true, but when luck is not on your side, or when fate has been written that's not yours, thus fail is the only answer to your struggles?

I have always been hearing that, if you never feel the feeling of failure, you will certainly never succeed. But, if failures keep on coming to you and haunt you every single time, and they stop you to do what you like or pursuing what you wanted in life, will you lay back and sigh "Well, it's not my luck, what to do?"

Frankly, I am a kind of person who always wanna achieve the best, even though I must admit I never did, satisfied. Satisfaction is a fairytale for high achiever, some said. That is true, because once you satisfied with something, you will tend to celebrate the success, and do less to increase or to proliferate what you already have, and till that point, where satisfaction actually the initiator to make someone becomes dormant and lazy to do something. That's why I will never satisfy in life.

Like today, I opened the mail box, actually waiting to see if I got the call for UEM scholarship programme. Sadly, I failed again. Terribly shattered right now. My parents were right. Maybe I shouldn't have applied for medicine in the scholarship application. I should have opt for something I am good at. Maybe fate has written that I could not be a doctor. Or maybe I can, but in the country, that if I am willing to struggle in matriculation or foundation via UPU if I could make it. So, now I think I need to set up my mind either to go to Russia or somewhere in the country. SIGH:(

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