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Sunday, 18 July 2010

We often follow, without making it our own.

Teenagers, what, and who are they? Basically I am a teenager, finding for my real-true identity. Always with confusion and dilemma. Triggered by peer pressure and constitution. You adults have been what we call as teenagers whom always follow, without making things or OURSELVES by our own.

1. Wow...they got driving license and so I must have one too
 -typically, in Malaysia, soon after SPM is over, tons of teenagers by the age of 17 make their way to driving schools. They think driving is so cool, and will make them look fun and they will eventually feel like being an adult. Having a driving license is like having freedom. But still, copycats...! We are copy cats, begging our parents for some money to go to the driving school just because our peers are doing the same thing. Boo us, boo me!

2. Movies versus having temporary hourly sensational fun 
-wow, its a holiday...come follow me for movies marathon. In the old days, where to watch movies only need 2 ringgit or less for the tickets, might not seem like a big deal if you are about to go for the movies marathon non-stop. Think again for people who live here, for today. As, watching a movie, probably cost a person about 8 ringgit up to a 13 ringgit. Not included pop corn, twisties and other junk food, total sum, 50 ringgit all together. Nice!! Ending up whooshing mom's and dad's savings for the movies, that are just temporarily stored in the brain, and after that, you would go, "OH MAN, I regret watching that damn movie!"

3. Vacationing abroad, how about Disneyland mommy!
-Well, for richies thanks for downloading your sweet, fun photos of your family's vacation in the place call overseas. This somehow, arouse jealousy among many including me to be frank. As for childish people, they would tend to follow the trend, by doing the same thing, of vacationing overseas...MOMMY take me to Disneyland, I wanna meet Buzz Light Year!! be continued...

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