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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Ecrire c'est ranger la vrac de la vie - 'writing is sorting out the mess of life'

Indeed, a blog is not only a medium to voice things we have in minds but more like to sort the mess in our life. I have a nice example whereby I was having frustration at Pre-Medicine. I had this terrible inferior complex, so to ventilate the feelings, I wrote and posted them down. That week only, I have got five comments telling me to be strong and whatnot pieces of advice. All of them helped me a lot to strive in Pre-Medicine. (*ceh baru pre-med, dah tension bagai. Loser betul aku. Haha*)

Other example would be during the days I utterly explained and complained regarding the dark sides of Puncak Alam. The misery of having to repeat foundation again. Then, came some friends of mine, commenting, again giving advice and words to note. In a sudden, the miseries seemed to vanish. This is certainly the power of blogging. And, I must admit, blogging is also my 'way' or method to stand rigid to the ground, second thing after Allah S.W.T.

A blog plays a vital role to set a good example to readers too. Our main goal when setting a blog, must not be based on popularity, even though I must admit, sometimes I am kinda sad not to be receiving comments after months, which would makes you to be negative, and think that no one wants to follow your blog anymore. Basically, according to Hilal Asyraf's book- Batu-Bata Kehidupan, when one's blog, he or she must at least set a mind to help his or her readers. Help in the sense as a Dai'e or playing part sending Islamic messages to the readers. Whether or not people would see the posts as useful, that is not taken into account. What matters is we try it hard to 'call' viewers/readers out there to be closer to God Almighty

So, in the end, we must do what we think best. Not only for ourselves but people out there. Turn the ease we have today for mankind. And, I too, have my own mission in this blogging world insyaAllah. Probably, I will post down my next 'adventure' in India. Pray that I will. Hehehe. I love blogging and when we totally in love with something, make it useful. Thanks for the time reading this:)

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