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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Khayra and I

Khayra Amani is my cute niece whose photo is on my FB profile because of her cuteness 


A month ago, I was badly ill. Almost like dying seriously. My bronchitis was severe. I couldn't even talk. Even I myself thought that I could not continue Premed, but AlhamduliLLAH Allah made it smooth till the end.

Photogenic and photogedik. Simply irresistible.

Mak teh picked me up from Kolej Mawar and brought me back to her home. Her home is like my second home and she is Khayra's grandmom. 

I was taken care by Mak teh and my cousins like a princess seriously. Glad to have them. They made me porridge and let me sleep in this comfy bedroom. 

THE GOOD NEWS was....Khayra Amani was there too:) I was so happy, when she asked me, "Demam ke?"

Then, she put her hand on my forehead to feel the warmness, and she exclaimed. "WAHH PANASHHNYA!"

Khayra then offered me the porridge and she herself got drooled, so she ate it with me. HAHAHHA.

She then again, asked me this question:

"Doktor pun boleh demam?"

I answered, 

" A'ah...kesiankan?" (padahal belum doktor lagi)

She asked again,

"Kalau doktor demam, sapa nak bagi ubat"

I answered,

"Tak taulaa....kesiankan..."

I then asked her,

"Khayra nak jadi apa besar nanti?"

She answered,

"Aya nak jadi princess...tengok rambut Aya. Panjang cam princess"

Aduhai memang tuan puteri betul. Dah laa comel. Geram sangat :D

Then she continues..

"Tapikan....Aya nak jadi doktor jugak laa....boleh rawat orang...hehehehheheXD"

We laughed out loud together. Sambil makan bubur :)


yana aziz said...

HEEHEEHEE.trus post bout her.shoooocute!

fawz@n said...

geram :p

dayanaazhar:) said...

YANA MELATI: HAHAHAHAHAHAH. CUTE SANGAT. Alhamdulillah, she is one precious gift from Allah to us:) We are blessed:)

FAWZAN: HAHAHHA. I geram jugak:)

Flazhar said...

comel gila. gila. gilaaa. gila punya comel! :O