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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ranting Otak

ni bukan kedai jual todi ye anak2.

Well actually wanna post Wordless Wednesday. Just noticed that I had this wonderful phone K770i which is cybershot then I bought a new one. The new one is far different from the K770i and the camera is so lame. sigh.....

Ini ialah BRAINSTEM ye anak-anak.

To know what the heck is brainstem, you can google it though. When we talked about brain, we  must at first just know the Cerebrum, but it's more than that. Okay, so as a first year medical student, it's a must to know where the cranial nerves are located. The cranial nerves are denoted in ROMAN numerals, like Olfactory Nerve (I) is for the smelling. And I actually have 12 Cranial Nerves to get stuck in my brain.

Okay, better stop blabbering here. This is certainly not wordless wednesday. Lol.

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