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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Brother surpassed me


Have you wonder, how being too good also won't make you feel good? Yeah, I always have the feeling to. Feeling to be distanced away by people, feeling of insecure.

First of all, I really am happy this couple of days because my brother has proven me wrong. HAHA! He got an amazing SPM result, that even I wasn't able to get.

Alhamdulillah for the ease for my brother. He worked hard and he deserved it. He has been a very good and obedient brother and son all this while; I can say everyone loves him so much, and maybe because of the barakah, he got such result:)

Haha! So as a sister who is always busy body, of course I wanna the best for my little brother. I told him to apply for whatever scholarships that are opened for application.

The problem came as he himself doesn't know what he wanna do in the future. Haih, what a brother I have. Frankly, Ridzuan Hanafi Azhar is not a kind of person who is ambitious (like his sister over here), but sometimes being neutral will make our life easier; and it is true.

Mom on the other hand, wanted him to take medicine. His results is too good to be true and mom wants him to do something worth it with the result he had in his hand. I contradicted my mom and told my brother to not take medicine unless if he really is hardworking to study and work as in a team and as in a lone ranger.

He told me that he dislike biology and he doesn't really like reading, thus medicine is definitely not for him. I just don't want him to regret. Skyp-ing with him for a while just now, really showed how I have made a mess in his mind. He seems to haven't find the path he wanna go. His future that is. I am just worried that he might lose the opportunity he should have get. He needs a guidance.

he's in black is the smartass

I really know however, that he wanna be a pilot. Sadly, MAS has stopped recruiting young pilots because of internal management mishaps it faces. Recently, he applied for YTN, but he was dismissed, then he became completely disappointed. He did say he's tired applying for things. I just pity him. He seemed so clueless. I just want him to feel what I don't get to feel. He get such a wonderful gift in his hands, I am sure his future is brighter than me. Just hope he's a little more ambitious. 

1 comment:

littledolphin said...

if he wants to be a pilot,then he should not give up. :)

boost his motivation please! :D

our choice after spm is one of the most important decision in life kan?

i do have a friend who have been studying foundation in mass comm for a year.and now she have finished studying foundation but she's unsure whether she wants to continue the same course.

And that is a kind of waste dont you think?

hopefully your brother wont give up! if he wants it,go for it! :)

unless if there is no other option.but if there are still other options,then ask him please do not stop.

maybe he should read syazwan che deraman's blog.he's in my bloglist.he's a student and soon to be pilot and he often post about pilot things. he's very friendly so you can even ask him questions! ;)