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Friday, 5 December 2008

Hanging out?

Yesterday, while having a nice game of badminton with Chiam and Alya, I noticed that someone had sent me a message. I was thrilled, man, just thrilled for that one such message as it came from Mimi, whom I miss a lot. She asked me for a hang out, with Aiman. I wonder what are they up to now? Suddenly, she wants to go with Aiman? Hmm, nevermind about that, she just needed me to accompany her. Sad to say, I couldn't make it yesterday as I was busy in the town of Kajang rushing here and there with my dad, and went to the bank to open a new account. So, I planned to go to Midvalley today, by KTM, and I'll be escorted by Huda. I guess my friendship with Huda, my bestest friend had regained normal. I am grateful.

The bad news here is that, I have to walk all the way to Huda's house, since my dad had an appointment as the hospital. Not that I want to complaint on walking or what, but my house is so far from hers. I am just worried if my slipper would have been lose out. Maybe I am just being too negative.

So, yesterday SPM ended. And, it is time for the new SPM 09' candidates to line up for the next battle. SPM is a battle where we have to fight as to redeem good life after school life, or it can just be considered as an examination which needs a lot of paper, thus increasing the cutting of trees and proliferating the risk of getting global warming. As SPM heads down, I was waiting for Azeem to come online, just miss him a lot. Don't get me wrong, I just miss him as a friend. I miss Aliya too, his sister. Maybe they're out of Kajang anyway, and headed to somewhere abroad. I dont know, havent heard from them for a week though. But, I just have to face the life without these persons here, like how I live without Maryam and Sofiah.

Being online in YM is boring, and so does studying. Currently, doing some revisions on Chemistry and Physics. I am also worrying about tuitions. I need them by the way. I dont know where has my add math tutor goes? Haven't heard from him since months ago...I wonder if he still want to lend us helps in add math.

I guess my life is full of problems, actually they aren't that big problems, just I guess, I cant manage my life with ease. That's all lah...hmm hope someone I know can come online, and have some chat. I just dont like to chat with those I dont really get to know well. Until then, see ya....

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