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Friday, 12 December 2008

Woah, another sickening head time

I don't know how did I get the title right for this post, but just live with it. Lol.
So, last Monday, the 8th December, the world celebrated Aidiladha, or Hari Raya Korban. As for myself, I celebrated it in Sungai Petani, Kedah like we planned earlier, so I guess this is the first time in my whole 16 years-of life that we managed to celebrate the first raya in Kedah, because all this while, we had been celebrating it in Klang, which is my father's family-side.

On our journey, I got fed up with this girl I met, while in one of the R & R. My mom, sis and I wnet to pray at this small surau, and so I put my slippers on the shoe rack just in front of the door. Then after I was done with my obligation, I couldn't find for my slippers, I became worried. To my suprise, there's a girl, I think about my age, and she's actually wearing my slippers, she was actually thought that that pairs were the surau's slippers. Damn she!! I bought that wonderful, weird slippers for RM 15 in Genting, and she thought them as 'slipper surau'.

Ok, forget about that. So, on Monday, we had 2 feasts. During the day, we had a feast in Mak Ngah's place, where my family and I always stay in. And, I must say, all our family members from Kedah didnt miss that one. The house became noisier, because I have so many little devils of cousins and nephews, and nieces. I couldn't stand such hectic. About the food, well there 're black pepper mutton, mutton soup and many more, so there're no problem with the food. And guess what!? I managed to get myself away from those fatty mutton. Hahaha:0 I didnt eat any of them...hahaha. As for the other feast, we had it in Pak Jang's place, and the food were healthier, no santan, no salt, can u believe we drank tea without sugar the whole night? Speaking of healthy feast that was....

Plus, I was happy as I did get to see my niece named Farah Syafiqah. She's 4 now and damn cute, I'll be putting her photo some other time. She's a very naughty devil and can be really annoying but still her cuteness melted me . Hahaha:) And, she is also such a poor kid, because she never got to see her daddy, whom is my cousin who passed away about 4 years ago, and she wasn't born yet that time. Pity huh? Yeah...but I guess her mom already trained her to be independent. Good isnt it?

Not to mention, I also met my cousin Nadia, who is a year older than me but already pusuing architecture in UIAM, as she skipped grade 5. She's intelligent and pretty, and vogue. Ah, I am jealousing her already. She did give some pieces of advice, which are study hard and maintain your grades, and take medicine later in college. Hoho:-) Everyone in the family hopes I become a doctor one day I must say. And like always, I've been compared with my other cousin named Eddy, he got 80% in additional math in his recent test meanwhile u know, I got a B, so, I was a bit frustrated. He's more intelligent than me!? Not possible... haha:O I hate being compared:(

So thats all for my raya....
haha...a conservative one I supposed,
but still, its kinda fun...


Ashraf said...

See, if you bought Crocs this would never happen.

Ashraf said...

Firstly Dayana, it was just a joke don't over react lar. Besides there are a few Crocs that are specially made for girls that look pretty awesome (check out the Alice model). But I do agree it's kinda expensive. Also I think I answered this a while ago, No I don't have YM. I'm however using Windows Live Chat a.k.a Hotmail. as for my email try asking Eliza...