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Friday, 12 December 2008

All about Hanging out

Last Friday, I managed to get myself from a complete boredom in the house. I also managed to get Huda to accompany me to meet Mimi at Midvalley. So, yeah, I guess between Huda and I, maybe there aren't any mishaps any more. Yay!!

I left the house, and escorted by my dad to Huda's house in Kajang Jaya. So, that means I didnt have to walk all the way to hers. I went inside, and she's already ready. I was glad, I also met Kak Wa, her sister. Kak Wa is the nicest friend's sister I've ever met. She's pretty, a bit plump but still she's charming. Kak Wa then sent us to the KTM station just a few stones away from Huda's house. We caught the train, but didn't manage to get the seats. All accommodated. So, we stood upstraight hanging to the pillars for about 30 minutes, till we reached Mid Valley.

Mimi still wasn't there. She came an hour after that. So, Huda and I firstly, hanged out in MPH, well we're good kids, so we better hanging there :). Looking and searching for novels to read. I bought this novel from Cecilia Ahern called P.S I love U, not so good laa..but still, it is ok...and I already finish reading it, the 500 pages novel in 3 days, so, its like a WOW!! a breaking wow in my life, coz that can be considered as FAST! ahahah...

Then after Mimi appeared, we got ouselves with lunch at the foodcourt and next straight we headed towards the cinema. Before that, Mimi and I, almost get ourselves into a sex toy shop but luckily, Huda smacked us back, so we didn't enter it. Man, it looked like a gift shop to me though. hahaha. We got to see TWILIGHT. But, I still can't pronounce it properly though, is it TWI-LYGHT OR TWAI-LIGHT? whatever la...hahah, and we also had some fight over what popcorn and what size of pop corn to buy, what a hilarious time...

We only managed to get the very front seat in the cinema. I hurt my neck and my ribs. So, the story is about romeo and juliet in vampire version, I like Edward Cullen, and hey, why in this world I have not yet manage to get to meet such a man like him!? luck I guess, he is such a romantic vampire-person, and good looking, and respectful boy too. the flying scene, and Bella (the heroine) actually got the chance to date with Edward on the tall tree, thats soo-cool. And, u must see Edward's home, its fantastic. Above all, it was a wonderful light movie, and worth to watch.

We then got home at 4.45 pm, and Huda's dad, the nice Mr Abdul Razak took us both home. Yay! And I guess that will be the last time that I would be able to watch movie though, after this



ARC said...

aiyooo another edward cullen's newborn fan

hfz_hdz said...

relax, dayana.
don't too much worry about it, will make your life more stress....
I know you wanna aim the best result for SPM next year, just like me too for the PMR. But while we having time to fun, have it and enjoy it to the limit........
The sky is the limit of fun, so while have this holiday to have fun with somebody, go outside and free yourself from all the problems.
When school starts, now you can think about it.
Thanks, Hafiz.
Peace to the world from SCOUTS :)