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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Time to say thanks!

I've been so busy trying to catch on my additional math problems, till I abandoned some of the other subjects that I have to cope on. Okay, stresses that what I have right now. Stress to maintain my capability in school although I guarantee that I am no longer able to do any more notes and essays properly by the time I reach next year.

So, after finishing with my folding clothes chore, I help myself in front of the computer, came online and at the same time, finishing all my delayed-work of Biology, and guess what, I have another work upstairs. *T_T*{crying}

As I went through my mails, there were these motivation articles sent by a cyber friend, whom I got to know a couple of weeks before. Well yeah, maybe he knew I am in depression. So here I want to say thanks to Hafiz >oh he's online< for being thoughtful.

Not only to Hafiz, but to Naqib or better known as Qubezo, for trying hard to solve my additional mathematics questions. He did them very well and I just so bad in add math now. (consequence for being a stuck-up probably). So lucky to have an ingenious friend like him.

So another person whom I wish to say thanks to is Rafaiz, I don't know what his real name is, but nevermind. He did the work done for my add math questions in the malakat92 forum, neat and tidy. (Baru faham:))

Oh, and before I forget to Vick too for solving my physics question and Azeem for the tutorial game. Man, I dont know if I'm sick or what, but i'm feeling cold.*SHIVERING*

And for Kak Intan, thanks for holding a great party yesterday, I have fun at the pool. *dah lama tak swim, bile dapat swin, jadi kekok*

ok, thats all
my verbal bashings
credits to the people mentioned above.
:) *grin*


ARC said...

OK then, which subject that u did on ur own?

Qubezo said...

Hey, that's so sweet of you. Your most welcome! It's my duty to help others, especially friends who are in needed rigth? Indeed it's everyone's responsibility :D

So sorry about the Add Maths workings that I didn't post. I was about to post before my parents were urging to go to my aunt's house for visiting. Thanks to Rafaiz to fulfil my unfinished business :)

Dayana Azhar said...

hahahah, well i post the problems which I really couldnt understand even a bit. hahahah:0 I am bad in those subjects...hmmT.T

Hafiz said...

You're welcome, Dayana.
BTW, seen you've chatting with me, already know you're depress and stress about SPM.
1 more time, really you're welcome, out of the blue you mentioned me here.......
Visit and leave some comments to my blog too, CHEERS !!