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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Could not resist the PAIN

Yes, dear readers, I'm sick. My face now, has this sad puppy look, and you can tell that I'm really SICK.

I don't know, how did I manage to suffer from this bad headache, terrible effluenza, and coughs, but I really know what make me hurt in the heart. And of course, it is not arsclerosis. Far not that. It's something else, which is my private life.

This morning, I woke up at 5:30 am, a credit is given to my noisy squeking alarm clock. I almost deaf, by the way. Actually, my dad asked me to wake up early in the morning, so that I am able to help other family members of mine to awake too, as to do Subuh prayer. But, he too, must understand, that I'M SICK. And he's torturing me to get up early...haih...:(

I hate everything I'm in now. It's cold here, and the coughing is so painful! I look like the nanny in her deathbed already. I did buy the Strepsils, the stronger ones, and ate 2 of them already, and feeling much better, I think. I need antibiotic!!! That's what the thing is!! Yeah, and it has been two days since I've out to jog, damn...I'm becoming fatter, what a disaster.

Another pain which I couldn't resist is about the |private life of mine|. I've been very persuasive sometimes, tying people around me so that they remain by my side all the time, that can be considered as CRUEL. It's hard to understand why I couldn't let things I love or the persons I love go in the flow of their lives and be happy forever and after. *SIGH* Hey, you guys, might think I'm crazy right? Well, nevermind, you can think of it as that, as long as you don't try to make me go to the Tanjung Rambutan.

I must admit, yesterday's chat with the girl really sunken me to the deep blue Atlantic Ocean without oxygen tank. I was 'drowning' or perhaps still am drowning by now. My head is spinning as if I am playing merry go round. Ok, all in all, the thing that I wish to say is I'm sick, and just need a friend by my side. Sorry guys, I couldn't give you calls, as my voice is horrible, you would think me as some witch with nasty tune. Haha:)

*Wow...its hurting more and more...


ARC said...

I too, having sore throat, headache..non-stop sneezing and red eyes...huhuhu

Dayana Azhar said...

wonderful huh.
we're on the same cruise sailing to maldives I supposed

en.sesiapa said...

pesal sume org demam ja.
aduii.. minom air byk2.
moga2 cepat kebah.