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Friday, 19 December 2008

Being Careful

I'm now using my Internet with care, and why must I do that??

The reason is of course, the congestion of Internet usage has been increasing. I've been trying to connect my Internet since morning, and now I am thankful to be online. Woah. Relief. This means I am addicted to the net.

I also did some revision on Chapter 6, additional math, and I can say, I am not too good. Can't answer 4 questions, and it made me crazy. I don't like the feelings when we are unable to answer several questions which seem easy but the truth is not. I feel like I haven't sleep for days.

I had finished with my Biology's work. Alhamdulillah. The printer had been making quite a hectic problem to me. But, due to patience, it's now working pretty well. The mishap was due to the thickness of the papers I used. You see, my dad, refuses to buy those Double A's because, for him they are expensive, so he bought the tesco brand's paper, which I'd say the low quality papers. *SIGH*

Now, I'm also questioning myself, whether I can study without tutors or otherwise. Yeah, maybe I can do that when I was 15 but now, the atmosphere is very different. The reasons why I am not yet attending any tuition are because, I'm too lazy to get ready for tuition, and also I have this sense that I will quit from attending tuition after 1 month.

After Naqib mentioned about Salt, a chapter in chemistry, I start to ponder around. I didnt read them yet!! And so I did some revisions on the chapter, and I found it hard. Yeah, the term 'hard' now, is like OKAY, EVERYTHING IS HARD. IT IS LIFE, SO WHAT!

Plus, I'm having this bad feeling that I have made a friend of mine mad at me for things I did. I kinda shy to apologize, because I've attempted a lot of occurences where the persons I called said that they aren't mad, so it will be like "stupid me, I was just thinking a lot".

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ARC said...

salt? I kinda need to learn it back later eventho Ive learned it before.

And the most crucial part in salt is, y need to memorize the map of color of each salt.