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Saturday, 20 December 2008

I almost fainted:0

Yeah people, guess what, I almost fainted!! What the FISH!

Fine, it went like this. This very morning, around 7 am, I decided to go for a jog around the neighborhood, and luckily my sister was willing to keep me company. So yeah, it has been such a long time since I last jogged, I guess that happened 2 weeks ago? Yeah, maybe, so you can definitely tell if I've earn such an enormous gain of weight, and yeah, for girls this is A NO-NO!!

So, we jogged at this steep lonely road, the road is not so busy, and currently has become the major spot for people around my place to jog, to dating and whatsoever. As I thought I had recovered fully from my 4 days fever, I thought I could run up the steep road, since I need to strengthen my stamina and my cardio, so yeah that's what I did. I ran. And not jog. The first attempt, was still a fine one, my heart was beating tremendously, and I walked smoothly for about 30 seconds and continue to run up the steep road again. This time round, I felt dizzy. A never-before dizziness. And, yeah, people, it's actually a sign that I was about to faint.

My sister helped me to stabilise myself. I sat for about a minute, and decided to walk straight home. I walked as fast as I could, since I couldn't bare the deprivation of oxygen. I really need OXYGEN!! When I reached home, I noticed my brother was staring at me. "WAH PUCATNYE!" thats what he said. I helped myself, up the stairs, to my bedroom, looking at the mirror, the reflection of my ownself, who looked as pale as a decease body. I felt like throwing up and quickly went to the bathroom. After that, I washed my face, rip off my clothes, and wrapped myself with a towel and blanketted myself on the bed. I went asleep for an hour I think. Soon as I woke up, I was relief that I was now in normal condition. My oxygen deprivation had been replaced. And, yeah, now I am blogging again.

I never thought that I could just encounter such an incident like this. What would happened if I did faint on the road? AH, maybe this is a sign that tells me



ARC said...

dont ever jog when u r ill?

I cant recall Ive read that u were ill when u jogged.U had just recovered from ur illness 4 days ago right? I think that has nothing to do with this morning's jog , I guess.

But, I wonder what made u so PUCAT this morning. Dear, go see a doctor to check whether u have this athma or cardio probs.

ARC said...

pg td i g joging..dapatla 2 round..haha
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