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Sunday, 21 December 2008

10 Things that show How Weird I Am

Fine, some people discreetly thought I am weird. Let's see if I noticed what are the things that make me weird.

1. I have 7 email addresses

-yeah, why did I need 7 email addresses? The fact that I am not any valuable person or a VIP, and I still have these email addresses. The truth is I actually like to see my names before the,, or They seem very neat and how can I say, hmm, probably I just can satisfy myself by doing that. I have 3 email addresses with yahoo, which I used for instant messaging. And only two of them are actively used as real email, which is to send mails, attachments and etc.

2. I don't really chat with girls

-maybe this is why I am a girl. You see, nature makes me attracts to men only. Well, I must admit that sometimes I feel bored chatting with girls, because for me, hey, I am a girl, so you are a girl too, so what can we talk about? As a result of this, my yahoo messenger's list is now full of guys, some I knew and some well, just cyberly known. There are only 5 girls that I currently chatted with, whom are, Huda, Aina, Fatin Aina and Chiam and Farhana Zain.

3. I easily forget things I read

-ok, this one is kinda critical problem I want to get rid off. I easily forget things I read, just in 5 minutes or less. Let say I read about the anaerobic respiration, so if I want to blog it out, I have to exactly bring the article with me, as I cannot remember anything about it. Since I am encountering with such a problem, I am worried that I might be unable to do SPM with a grace heart.

4. I like men who are lefthanded

-great, another weird thing. I don't know if this is true, but I really fond to guys who are left handed. I see them as unique humans, who can write and do almost everything with the left hand. Like, my brother for instance, he can play badminton with his left hand, and the teacher at school, was so amazed, as she said, left handed players, have such a great potential to be a great player. *even my ex bf is left handed, lol*

5. I can only cook, if the ingredients are there in front of me

-I am not a great cook. At the age of 16 years old, and 6 months, I am a girl who can't cook. How's great is that? My friend Durrah for instance, can already cook for the family, meanwhile I still feel awkward when holding the knife. So, yes, if the ingredients for the menu are in front of me, I can definitely cook with ease, just like what you watch in the television.

6. I hate shopping

-I am not a great shopper, and I hate shopping! I don't know why, but I just hate it, especially window shopping. For me, if we want to go shopping, we must have the money, then we can get what we want, without making the salesgirls, or salesmen, become annoyed. Plus, I hate those salesgirls and salesmen!

7. I hate people forcing me to eat

-I don't like when people kept forcing me to eat. It's like they treat me as if I am still a little girl who needs to be spoonfed. Get real! I am a grown up lady, and I know when I need to feed myself.

8. I can't love someone else if I already did

-I am too loyal. That's my problem. I can't let things I like being swifted away by others. So, I am searching for things or people that I can have for ever and after.

9. My hobbies are random

-I don't know what I like actually. I don't know what my hobbies are. Maybe drawing, but I don't really draw nowadays. Let say chatting, nah, I don't really chat nowadays. So, see I don't know.

10. I hate Malay Novels

- Yeah, bukan nak berlagak. But, I really despise Malay novels, because of the extreme weird names of the characters, and the lame plot. So, I just read English Novels. That's all.


ARC said...

i pon xigt i ade bape emel adress..tapi mmg banyak sbb dulu gle maen online games

dang........@hotmail (rahsie)

banyak lg sbnanye xingat haha

me too, always chat with girls..haha it is just awkward to share ur feelings with puople of same gender.

same thing, Im also a PELUPA. Read now, forget by the next hour haha


oh too bad Im not lefthanded..guess u dont like me =P
I can only cook goreng2 lol
I love shopping la weyh ; alone. CCoz it is much faster if u shopping alone, can compare prices.
I love people treating me food LOL
My hobby is always gaming
I dont really read novels


Ashraf said...

Hey, nice idea for a post. I'm gonna steal it kay?

p.s: I have way more female friends that guys. Most of the guys I know are complete assholes. You know the whole "lelaki vs. jantan" debate rite?

Ashraf said...

Hey, nice idea for a post. I'm gonna steal it kay?

p.s: I have way more female friends that guys. Most of the guys I know are complete assholes. You know the whole "lelaki vs. jantan" debate rite?

Anonymous said...

just drop by to say hye!
still remember me?

Ashraf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ARC said...

lol..xmo publish jangan letak cni loo...

same as ashraf, 90% of my friends are girls

hfz_hdz said...

hmm.... love man left-handed....
sad, sad.....
btw, good thinker and nice posts...
think wanna steal some...
btw, i have another blog to those stressful people, here it is:

Cheers, friend !!
Toast for new year !!