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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Dah siap ke??

Chiam, kawan baikku, yang satu-satunye berbangsa Cina, menghantar kiriman sms pada suatu hari.

"Dena, u dah siap latihan physics?"

To my suprise, I didn't even notice or realise that I have those exercises. Haih....:(
Let me blab right now, that I, have to complete all the questions starting from chapter 1 to 5. AH...!!
so yeah baby, I'll be busy completing them all, since I only have 2 weeks before school reopens.
School reopens, and I'll be having rivals? Wah!! And not to mention, the water rocket, crap I forgot to buy the tapeS I need. Ah


ARC said...

ooo lpe plak u cuti...hehe anything else, tanye me k, but im not available on wednesday..the most tiring day

Qubezo said...

Haha! Normal I guess. I also always forget to do my homework :) You're always so competitive. :D Thanks for the comment on my wallpaper.