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Monday, 22 December 2008

I couldn't answer these :((

There're somethings that I could not answer like things listed below:

1. People asked: How did you be so tall?

-I don't know might be the perfect answer. You see, maybe at the height of 165 cm, I might not be as tall as Amber Chia, but believe it or not, I can be considered as the tallest girl in my family. Either on my father's or mother's side. My aunts, and uncles, including cousins, would be asking this silly question every time I return to kampung. For a more sarcastic answer, it would be:

"makan cheese banyak-banyak. sure jadi tinggi"

2. People asked: Which university are u studying at?

-I hate this very one. To their suprise, I am just 16 and going to be 17 next year, still do I really look like a college student? They said I look overly matured. The answer to this silly question would be:

"oh saya dah kerja dah" or "no laa, saya baru tingkatan 4" (duh...)

3. People asked: How did you study?

-I am not trying to be a stuck up, but come on, get real, I study by myself and study at school, and my results has nothing to do with you. Of course, as some said a smart member of the family, people always tend to ask me how did I study? Did I make timetables? or do I have some magic potion? The answer is no, I dont do timetables, I dont drink potions, I just do some little notes to every little thing I learn at school or at home and pray a lot.

4. People asked: Dena ada boyfriend tak?

-Another throwing up question. If I did have one, is it a problem with you? No, right? So what's the big deal. In the meantime, I do like someone and that's all I can say. I am still young by the way, there are still abundant things for me to explore, to see and to conquer.

5. People asked: selalu keluar ke?

-The answer will be a "NO". You see, I am a home-based kid. I stay at home, and I love home for the time being. I only go out with people I feel comfortable with. And, of course, only when I have cash so that I can spend.

6. People asked: why are you using celcom? use maxis!

-Well people, we live in a multiracial, multireligion and a peace and freedom country where every citizen has his or her own right to do whatever he or she wants. So, that include the usage of telecommunication service. You see, celcom is a very friendly user service, I used Xpax, and I can send a SMS to my friends who used Xpax too, for a cent. It's saving. Plus, I look cool using Celcom. Checkout, Celcom's UOPax and SOPax, really cool though.

7. People asked: What's your ambition?

-Hmm, to be frank, I still haven't decided it yet. I am a kind of person who is hard to make decisions. And, sometimes, my ambitions changed. At one time, I would like to be a fashion tycoon, then after pursuing pure science, I think I can be a doctor. Whatever it is, I just want to have a job that I am suited with plus can make me earn cash to support the increasing cost of living.

8. People asked: Kenapa tak pergi asrama?

-Yeah, after succeeding in PMR recently, people asked me this nasty questions over and over again. Let me tell you that I didn't get any offers and now, I don't think I can stay in a dorm sharing bathrooms, and sleep with 10 other girls. I need privacy.

9. People asked: Dapat berapa A dalam exam hari tu?

-This is a hard one. I always need to have good Aces in my examinations in order to answer this question, that is always ask by my aunts, uncles, cousins, ex friends and all. I hate this one actually, and you know what, its not easy to obtain Aces, and I am still not sure whether Aces can bring me to a better sort of life.

10. People asked: Berapa berat kamu?

-Damn, what the fish!! Why do you need my weight or mass? It got nothing to do with your life!! The only person who really know about my weight is my P.E teacher, Cikgu Dzul. It's a secret! No way I am gonna tell you that.


ARC said...

dena, what is ur weight? haaahahahahahaha

Ashraf said...

Akshully I get the whole "so, what field are you it" question all the time too especially recently since I decided to show off my "homeless man" vibe by not shaving. I think it's the whole Indian side of me to have facial hair so young.

I can't believe people ask your weight! So un-gentlemen like.