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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Thinking Of the Future

Yep, I'm thinking of the future. You see, as in daily tabloids, we can see that Malaysia is running out of doctors. We need to reach the ratio of 1:600, which is one doctor serving 600 patients, and we are now in the ratio 0f 1: 1500. So yeah. Doctors are crucially need by the Malaysian government.

As days passed, and now sadly to say that holidays will be saying goodbye in another less than 2 weeks period to come, I have to start thinking of my future. What am I in 10 years from now? Maybe I am a wife to a baby? I don't know. Sometimes I do want to seek for psychic to see my future, but of course that is against Islam, so sorry I can't.

Next year, 2009, will be the darkest yet a challenging year for me and people of the same age of me. The fact that we are going to be having SPM is freaking me to death already. Why? Because holly blood, I don't think I am ready. My expectation to conquer everything in form 4 syllabus is just somewhat a "lame expectation", since I haven't conquered them yet. How am I supposed to earn 11 A1's next year?

Plus, I will be the assistant of Ketua Pengawas next year. It will be such an enormous responsibility right? It is just freaking me out to get to know that I'll be having to lead a troop of prefects together with Radhi, and some of the prefects are form six, who are older than I am. So, it is gonna be tough as it seems.

And, after SPM? What will I be doing? Maybe part time jobs. You see, as we grew older, do we really feel comfortable to let our parents buy things we need? As for me, I feel very awkward. I need to earn money by myself and paid bills myself. So, maybe part time jobs I will be doing by next year. Then, college. Gosh. Hope it will be easy. I'm hoping to go to UIAM. Pursuing medicine as my core of studies. I know becoming a doctor is hard. Books will be everywhere and that will the life I have to cope with. Yes! I am ready for it!

Then, life after college. Work. My friends have this vision which they thought I will be a workaholic person. Wow! Maybe I will after all. And as a competitive person, I really need to work hard to achieve my dreams. Got to earn good cash, buy a house on my own, a personal car, renovating my room according to my taste and everything counts on what I like. Next, marriage. Marriage is somehow, a very sensitive issue. I would like to have an ordinary family like everyone else, with good hubby who cares, and children on my own. Hopefully it comes true.


Ashraf said...

Don't fuss too much. Just make sure you get your singular/plural noun/verbs right when writing in English. I seem to notice a lot of those kinda mistakes all over.

Example:"Which are older than I am"

Akshully, I think I did this speech before... feels like dejavu

ARC said...

fewwwittt...dena dapat PKP...gila ahhhh
ni yang nak jadi fan nih hahahahha

hfz_hdz said...

all people's dreams same as your dreams no matter what...
all people have their aim to achieve what they want also like me...
too stress is not good, too free is not good too... but you must try to balance that... btw, try to read my e-mails back, it's about life.
cheers, hafiz.

Ashraf said...

PKP? lol. I'm not a fan, I know Dayana personally so kenalah supportive. Mana-mana kawan pun camtu or is it just me yang overly romantic?

P.S: Now I remember, I gave the EXACT same speech to Aliah dulu. I remember cuz afterward I got scolded by the English teacher for not doing the writen assignment. I was helping with her with ujian lisan.

Dayana Azhar said...

nak jadi fan ke???


Ashraf said...

What diff does it make to have a fan? Bukannya u serve nuffnang so no chance for $$$.