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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Girl's Wonderful Gift

Every girl deserves the best in her life. Well I am not saying this because I am a girl, but basically, in my point of view, if there is no girl, there won't be any women, and when there is no women, who can breed the males. Lol.

Ok, forget about the above statement, but I really need to stress on a girl's wonderful gift. Actually, God gave a wonderful gift to every girl lives on Earth. That gift is the girl's purity. Every girl is born as a pure angel and can bring laughter to the family who owns them.

Now let's go through a chat between a monk and a girl, named Fiona.

Monk: Hello, what's your name my dear girl?

Fiona: Oh, hello. You can call me Fiona.

Monk: Your grandmother told me that you're going to be having your 21st birthday party?

Fiona: Yeah. She handles it. She is the one who got overly excited.

Monk: 21 years of age is freedom if I am not mistaken. You must be really happy. You're going to going through a phase of adulthood.

Fiona: Oh. Yeah. I am supposing I am.

Monk: you know what my dear. You are supposed to have a girl's most wonderful gift.

Fiona: Huh? What's that. A barbie doll or something?

Monk: No. You see, Fiona. Actually you are gifted with a girl's most wonderful gift. And no one can take that away from you except for a man. Do you get me?

Fiona: Huh.

Monk: You see dear. If you give your wonderful gift away before the right time, and to the right man. You might have to buy a sweater for your husband.

Fiona: Ok....a sweater. That's sound nice.

Monk: didn't get it yet do you? I am saying this because, I believe you can give your wonderful gift at the right moment, and when there is the right guy.

Fiona: Listen monk!! (getting furious) I know what you're trying to tell me. And, for you own sake of information, I already gave my wonderful gift. And I lost it a long time ago. Happy with that?

Monk: Oh dear! My LORD!! I think I need my Bible with me!

Fiona: No, I think you need my grandma to buy you a coffin! *grin*

So there you have it....another piece of information from Dayana:)
*Don't ever acted like Fiona*


ARC said...

xfaham ape motif cter tu

hfz_hdz said...

it's right and that's the truth..
really understand the deep meaning, only understand by the adults only, if he knows what he reading. can't understand by the kids, if not smart like adi putra maybe....
high 5 !!

pluginbaby said...

how wonderful to see ablog full with content and without a sbox.. i hate sboxes.. lol