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Monday, 29 December 2008

some pictures :D

Welcome people! Yeah, it is my brother with my little cutest niece, Khayra. And yesterday, mom, dad, my little sis, and I, went to Klang to visit this little toddler. She hurt her little finger, because last Wednesday, a CPU fell on her little finger, and she got her finger cut. Now, she had a few stitches. Poor little Khayra.:c

This was taken on the first week of the holidays. This was on my sister's dinner party, to celebrate her 'victory' in her recent UPSR. From left; Brother Indra, my brother (Rid) and my dad. Busy eating 'kerang bakar'.My niece from Kedah, and her name is Farah. She is smart and sly. Taken on Hari Raya Haji.

Mimi and I, on our hanging-out day in Midvalley a week before Hari Raya Aldiladha. Miss her though:9

The novel I read and finished reading it faster than I expected. A good and light story and it got some hanky panky jokes here and there. Good for girls, bad for guys! (obviously seen from the cover)A picture taken in Kuala Selangor. Can't recall when exactly....:D I am fat! Haizz...pity

Ah, I miss Agricultural Science Class so much ;c. Anyway, this was taken when I was washing the beras pulut, to make tapai pulut. Hehe:D

This was my school's Prefect's Feast. A fun one I had since the last one last year. Held in the school's canteen. In the photo, were Rashid, who played the guitar, and Anis, whom was singing.

Taken last Saturday, the 28th December. My cousin's engagement ceremony. Can you detect which one is her? I am on the very left sitting on the couch. Those on the right are my cousins.

Yeah, I just like my name. Isn't it cute? hahaha:D
oK, that's all for now;D

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