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Friday, 29 May 2009

I see him . yay!

Once and for all, I finally got to see the friend I miss the most. He changes a lot physically as well as mentally. Well, I can't never blame the nature. People changes when they encounter the new world of adulthood. As for me, I hope to change into someone stronger in terms of emotional as well as physical. Girl power baby!
See, I didn't look for anything that is hard to get. I just hope to see my best friend, and today I just did. He looked stunning. Well do you think stunning could be for boys?? Anyhow, I am not going about the fact that I met someone I really miss, but I will blab some occurence at school. It was A Hari Guru EVENT.
First and the last time I am attending this kind of event. I don't know abt the future. The reason why I never attended this type of event is mainly because I am too stingy to buy any giftsfor the teachers. Well, not that I am saying that teachers want we to give presents to them, but I envy looking at friends, who have a lot of nice wrapping boxes with them, maybe its a girl feeling.
I didn't buy anything for my dear teachers. I made some cards, which I managed to give to one. My lovely Ustazah Ameenah. Cards are hard to make these days, since I am not very good in art stuff. So whatever it is, I still managed to show my last gratitude while I am still a student of the proud school of SMK Kajang Utama.
In this last Hari guru, I was attempted to become the emcee for the final event at the hall. Mokhtar and I took the challenge. Well, the teachers wanted the prefects to handle it. So there were we. In fact, we hadn't had the chance to rehearse due to the hectic examination week. The event went a bit chaos, when I was being accused of making technical defects g during my present at the stage. They even said I was "menyinggung hati guru" ?? What??! Did I? I didn't even remember. I was so frustrated. I just told them who was my favourite teacher. They even blamed me when the prizes given to teachers didn't went smoothly as they wanted. Great, BLAME ME FOR EVERYTHING! I am DUMB but still you people searching for me
Nevertheless, I think I had done my job pretty well. I never be an emcee before, so I think I did pretty nice. A thumb up for me:] I also grateful to have Mokhtar. He is such a help. At least someone soothens my heart a bit. So Chao

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