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Friday, 22 May 2009

ITS a cruel world after all

Note that the above title was published here because I am now tortured. Not tortured by some step mother or step father, or alike, but the mid year examination. Its not the questions that torture me entirely. But, its me. I am torturing myself.

The questions weren't hard. They were tricky. I think I will not be able to attain all Aces this round. Because, the life I am pursuing is like a bowling ball. It rolls. That what it does. So now my life is assumed to be the bowling ball's base. I am at the bottom.

Frankly, I could not answer my questions properly because I simply don't really practice the good way of studying. I am just too lazy and sleepy to study currently. My bio papers were horrible said the teachers. And all I could do is sit back and try to compose myself. Where is the real me!?

Today I had a blast for Chemistry paper II, I dont even understand the diagram given as well as the experiments very well on hydrocarbon. At last, I attempted the questions like a normal kid, which meant I simply 'tembak'. For math paper I, I didn't have enough time to calculate and recheck. Probably because I didn't do much of the exercises, till all my expertise became blurred out. All I can now is sigh.

Teachers on the other hand, kept asking me for the proposal for the badminton tournament. Which I simply didnt do it yet. I am busy, too busy juggling with my tired eyes and books. Haih...what a luck..

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hfz_hdz said...

Same with me la, Dayana :D
BTW, I know your life very miserable. Books + Family Life + Works at Home + Works at School + Exams = Complicated.
And, just take some time to relax, although you've rad a lot of books, but if you don't have the passion to learn, tired, sleepy, and all that kind a stuff, sure the knowledges you've rad maybe not gonna transfered into your brain cells, but it will come too if you're lucky :D
Plus, hope can chit-chatto longer and please come to my renovated blog although have some minor injuries to be cured.
Keep in touch :D