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Monday, 6 July 2009

They were having so much fun~~!

Monday the 6th July.
My plan for the closing ceremony of Math and Science month went to be a downturn. My math and addmath teacher Puan Fozida was sulking and made it a day off from school. I just hate the school's board of directors because they were so childish, all they know is to reject what we had planned for weeks and now my teacher is sad. Boo THEM!~

So in conclusion the Rubic competition was put into hold. I don't know when it will be held. Maybe next week or the week after. God Knows. However, I was having fun with my classmates especially during Biology class. FYI, we were learning the chapter 4 about Reproduction and Growth. I like this chapter as much as I like chocolate. It is sooo interesting. And 'they' were having so much fun too....who are they I'm referring to???

They are of course my guy classmates. As the teacher was teaching us using the courseware, so we can actually learn interactively through animated diagrams. The boys were having their blast went it came to the part menstrual cycle. They asked a lot of questions and laughed non stop. Some of them even asked we girls back about the menstruation process. For them, its something cool. Can u believe that?

When the teacher told the class that a baby would be delivered through the same route as menstruation occurs, they became even hectic. And asking more questions, like can a woman does sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Hahaha....well, since my class are consisting with more girls than boys, the scene became more chaotic. I never thought the whole class would be thinking so "adult-ish" in this matter.

Overall, it was a fun experience when learning like that. I just have one hope for the boys; that is for them to appreciate women's nature and respect us more. Its hard to be women; that is the fact they have to know.

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Anonymous said...

talking about sc n math club...
this morning my school got the opening ceremony of sc n math club..
and for that i have to read a poem..
basically on sc about human body..
although i'm not a member in the club..huhu..whatever..
chaiyok2 for sc n math club!!
=) -raja-