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Saturday, 11 July 2009

It was touching

It was Michael Jackson's memorial ceremony a couple of days ago, which aired on TV. Too bad the show was as early as at 1 am, which means that I failed to watch because I needed to sleep. However, I managed to see some bits of the memorial service from the MR. Internet (my new boyfriend) *joking* .
Of course, I was attracted to the speech given by Jacko's daughter Paris Michael. She was so brave despite of the sadness that accumulated the Staples Stadium in LA. If I were on her shoes, I might not be able to stand in front of the crowds of her late daddy's fans and give a final tribute to the King of Pop.
She, Paris, grabbed the microphone, and with tears running down her cheek, started her most outstanding speech. What she said was very simple as any girl by her age could say, but what touched me the most is how she showed people around the world that Michael Jackson had gave all he could, to be the best daddy of hers.
Paris grabbed the might, helped by Janet Jackson, and said:

"Daddy had been the best daddy you could ever imagined"....(she started to
break into tears, and was composed by Janet) ...she continued.."All I can say
is I love him so much".

This scene was almost the same as what happened to Hani Mohsin's death, where his daughter gave almost the same kind of speech.
I was so astonished ..and I myself broke into tears...
p/s: what if I were Paris...gosh...I can't imagine that....(not referring to Paris Hilton)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Paris grabbed the might...."
Wrong word, it's : mic / microphone....
Sorry, if I'm over to be your English teacher, HAHA ;D
BTW, I can imagine, it will be more dramatic ;D
*just kidding*
Actually, can't imagine because you're not on TV like here ;D
*HAHAHA! kidding again*
Yeah, really can't imagine it actually, but I know you can control the sad feelings, although it's the really worst and sad moment in your life.....