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Friday, 18 December 2009

Am I an alien?

I am a human and an alien-NOT. Is just that again and again I feel so far from being a normal girl, a human I might say.

Forget about the damn crap, what I am going to blab about is actually on my regrets for the class-party yesterday. If you guys, my ex-classmates could read this post, I will be glad. I wanna say sorry for my bad attitudes. The arrogant, smug-up person. If you guys think I am arrogant, smugger or even hidung tinggi, I'll accept it wholly, and won't fight back because You guys are right after all.

Yesterday, my ex-classmates the 5 amanah had this reunion-so-called class party at Midvalley. To be frank, I hate Midvalley. I think the humongous building is irrelevant. So many shops yet tire people. And the things sold, HOLY COW, expensive. Ingat semua orang kaya ka?

Anyhow, I am sorry for acting like a jerk. Estranging myself from the troop. We're supposed to sit together, eat together, laugh together, but somehow, I isolated myself from some of you. Sorry again. Is just that, after so many years, I had failed to get along with you guys. Why is the word popping inside my head. And, too bad the answer is still the same:


So....I apologize. Deep inside my heart, I love all of my ex-classmates, being the naughtiest 5 Amanah as how described by Puan Thava was a memorable experience. I will always keep the memories in my pocket. If someday one of you met me, and do not wish to greet me, it's okay, because I realised, I do not deserve a "hi" from you. Am I an alien? Yes, I am, among all of you I am an alien after all....

1 comment:

My Yesterday! said...

u rnt n alien la..
myb some people said dat but not me..
i think u r da most hardworking person n consistant ive eva seen..
n 2 bosan skit but not bcoz of u..
so bye!amanah 92 will b together again hopefully...hee,,