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Assalamualaikum. Writing all the way from Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Missing Malaysia so much. But everything is just perfectly fine here. India makes people not just live, but SURVIVE. :)

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Thursday, 3 December 2009


Yes, I am back. But for temporary mean. I am still in the examination swing. Still on, and I got 2 more papers to deal with. It has been a tiring journey. And the bad news is that, I did pretty bad in the papers which I usually did well.

Now, what's left is the blessing from Allah ALMIGHTY. I am really hoping for his blessing for my efforts. You see, I did realized I didn't put as much effort to sustain what I had and this is might be the repercussion that I have to bear.

Mom and dad are away far away in Mekah performing their compulsory Hajj. I know they're praying for me there, and I really hope I get the blessing from them as well.

I had my Physics paper just now at school. Paper 3, the practical was awesomely easy, I guarantee there will be thousands who will get A++ this time, and so, the competition for the scholarship therefore tighten. What a luck ...

I had discussed on the Question about designing a thermos flask with my dear friend in Penang. Badly, I think he won, and I am lost. How can he be so ingenious. Well, it is his luck....I will lost my ten marks in that, I supposed.

For account, I must say that I passed. It was the most horrible event I attended so far in the dearly hall of SMK Kajang Utama. All in all, I despise much as I used to love it. LCCI CERTIFICATE is now a dream untrue. Poor me...and serve me right for being arrogant too.