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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Two heads different brains

I had just seen the ad on the latest stupid Malay movie called '2 Hati 1 Jiwa'. Or if I quietly translate it into English version, it would be, called, 'One heart and One Soul'. The irony is that, behind this beautiful phrase, lies a lie.

Frankly, I don't think there will ever be two people, sharing the same souls. This phrase came in handy to sweet couples, or those who had just married, for two people cladding themselves as best friends or for those brothers and sisters that always together. In my case, there is no such thing, as two in one. Two hearts sharing the same soul, is irrelevant. Only Nescafe or Coffee in sachet can be 3-in-1 and so on.

In my life, I never had anyone understanding me. Opps, No! I have. She is my dearest friend named Myms, (not real name). I usually have fun with her whenever we two met. Until now, we never actually got into cat fights, and that is pretty a good thing. We had so much fun during job hunting, and at last she off with her job meanwhile I struggling to make my parents understand what life I want after SPM ends, and for part-time...bye-bye...I will never work for now.

I always love the movie Forrest Gump (did I spell it right?). If you have seen this wonderful movie, you must noticed a woman, a strong woman called mommy that eventually never ever leave her son alone. Her son, quite a retarded boy-at last grown, and become very independent, owning his own company of importing and exporting shrimps. For the better, I really adore, how this one mom, BELIEVE in her son whatsoever he did despite his condition. Her love was so strong and rigid. Sadly, what will I get in returned by praising this woman, she's just an actress after all. In real life, such moms will only be found 3 or 4 in thousands.

For real, I still can't speak to my mum. I feel hurt after what she did to me, but at the same time, I knew I've hurt her by being ignorant. I will never succeed in making her to believe in me, in what I wanna do in life. She asked, "WHY won't you just take a nice break, you have just finished SPM".

If only I could answer, "I want to do better. I don't want to procrastinate. I just want to use the time I have to the fullest".

But then again, she wants me to wait wait wait....and let my brain dries...

*sorry to those mentioned. I am just being frank. Frank as it is*

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Qubezo said...

Haha. I'm procrastinating too. I guess my soul is destined to tie to this strong bond towards home and PC. Therefore, the thoughts of going out for a job and lepaking (especially dating) with friends will always be my last resort. Perhaps they will never come in contact with my brain, not even a single pulse shall pass my synapse! LOL. I think maybe you're right. I'm a changed person after SPM. I just got bored and keep flaming others. Maybe that's what you meant by saying I've changed. Gah. Tell you Dayana, I can't scarcely like someone. I was being completely random when I posted my status above love and jealousy. I was jealous that my friend simply got hooked up easily. I don't really care if he has a GF or whatsoever but by coupling with her, he, at the same time has "taken" the girl away from me. So you know that kind of feeling. T_T