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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

When two tongue twisted

I finally take all the guts I have to bring it into discussion with my mother. A discussion about the accelerating course of medicine. And, after 10 minutes of crying and tongue twisted...I think I've got the answer.

It is a NO. NO MEDIC ....for RUSSIA. BYE2 for now.

Wondering why my parents always doubt me for things that I am sure of. Again things I wanted go astray....


Qubezo said...

Salam. Why no medic? Or only to Russia? There are many other opportunities what? Kenapa cakap I dah berubah. Tak faham. I'm still the old me.

dayana|azhar|mohd|arshad said...

i mean study in russia...has my own reasons for tht...and u did changed...

Anonymous said...

Owh, only to Russia la. Why do you like Russia so much? The language itself has made me headache lol. My suggestion is that you must first concentrate on what course you're interested in, then only you consider the place. Coz no point going to Russia when you're studying the course that you don't like.