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Friday, 1 January 2010

confused and dilemma

One fine day, my cyber friend, named F, recommended me a very exciting scheme that would be a fast tract to make me a doctor. I at first thought it was a joke.

F gave me a phone number of an agent named DR. Z and I text this man two days later, because I could not bare to say no to such a wonderful opportunity. This doctor called me the next morning, when I was just awaken from a terrible sleep. Yes, he sounded like a trusted authority. And, he asked me to jot down some information about the scheme.

Apparently, I can't do much of the decision myself since I have to always ask my parents' permission. My parents were and are still a bit suspicious of the man, and I have found out this scheme needs me to invest a lot of money but it is still consider a low cost for the duration of six years, including getting a chance to study at Russian State Medical University. :) I really want this!

Based on the information I gathered through F, this scheme is like a foundation of medical studies in Malaysia for 6 months, and then continued the rest in the university I mentioned earlier. Comparing to the standard way of studying medicine, I might have to go to matriculation if I get the offer, and spend at least 2 years, for studying and getting a pointer of 4.00 flat. Getting a pointer of 4 flat, is not as easy as cooking maggie. And should I say, I failed to get that pointer, I might wish myself a farewell to become a doctor. But, I really want to be a doctor, it is my dream for the past 8 years till now. I want to fulfill it.

So, I have been thinking of this matter since a week ago. Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat just because of this. It's my future. I am worried. And, I am so in dilemma, and confused. My friends told me that I should waited for my results. Parents on the other hand wanting me to finish the driving lesson first. But, I still wanting to do the medical program.

Yesterday, my dad at last granted his promise to contact the Dr Z. He discussed about the scheme. And, explained it later, after they finished discussing. My father was not like what I expected. He seemed so relax after the talk (although just over the phone). He explained about the pathways to become a medical student, about matriculation and such. He understood now that the scheme is a much faster track to fulfill his daughter's dream (me laa:) However, he is much preferred to bring me to Egypt. Studying medicine in Egypt according to him will bring more benefits to me, such as the religion issues, easiness to adapt, and according to him, there are more Malaysians studying in that country, so it will much easier for me to refer to them, should say, I have problems.

Sadly, I don't want to study in Egypt. This is because, I'm afraid the accommodation and the technologies in Egypt are not much as better as in Russia, well Russian State Medic. University, is the 2nd best in the world. Ashraf, a junior-friend of mine, just replied, and asked whether studying in Russia will be certified by the country, and he said it will be a boring galore. I don't really care about boredom since it's not for fun, it's for the brain, for the future. But, I really worried about the certified issue, because, there had been some news I heard a couple of years back, telling about uncertified medical students graduated from Russia.

So Should I do this?

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