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Friday, 26 February 2010

Honda Dream Fund

Yes, I received this application form about two months ago from dearly Mrs Haslinda, a counselor at school. For those SPM 2009 candidates, like you all know the results might be announced on the 11th or 16th of March. The date doesn't matter. What matters is that either we are already physically and mentally prepared to "indulge" with the result. Frankly, I am, like you guys, feeling nervous waiting for the result. I do not know how should I feel. I cannot act slumber, I cannot be negative but I cannot be too positive as well. Surely, this is not a good moment. So much of intense pressure. A positive intense pressure.

Ops. Cut the crap for now. So, here is the Honda Dream's Fund application form. You must send in with an essay of 500 words regarding of the reasons of your choice towards your ambition or dreams. Good luck!~

Honda Dream Fund Application Form.

The terms and conditions:

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Kimsa2211 said...

Good sharing at here, Honda Dreams Fund is a community project under the Honda Global Philanthropy Initiative. In partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, the projects provide underprivileged youths with a full scholarship to pursue higher education or skills training in Malaysia. Since its inception in 2007, a total of 80 scholarships have been awarded. See below for detail: