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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Yo! Just returning from SASER, after sending my dearly annoying brother to his school. What a day! Pity him for being late, and he has to be grounded for his next outing session. )+(Bukan best pun outing, so chill bro)

Anyhow, I was browsing facebook although sad to say no one really leaves me any comments, well I am not that popular among my acquaintances or friends, so that is how it goes. Fortunately, thanks to Muhammad Shukri Azim, I was delighted by his photos. Very nice, very neat, very rejoicing to see.

All of his photos reflect how enjoyable studying in SMK Kajang Utama. How we don't have particular stupid annoying rules, how the teachers are so sporting, and Argh I miss all of them....endless description will this one be.haris, basyir and shukri (quite good looking huh?)

haih a very good pose i supposed

flirting time hahaha


pretending....or gay??

hey sis...sempat lagi main sms....cikgu kat belakang tu..

hahaha...I miss my juniors so damn much...miss the school, miss being a school kid, miss my dear teachers...but what can I do, I am encountering another phase of adulthood...

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