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Saturday, 13 February 2010

What if I am blind, PART 2

Yayaya~ my gosh, feeling like a big gigantic building has fallen on my shoulder. I couldn't stand up still, feeling so sick, maybe because too exhausted....yeah, can't blame that...

Anyhow, to Irwan again (*sorry for not replying U in facebook*) yeah, I am now in President College, located in KL, not as famous as Lim Kok Wing (my dream college this is) and, pursuing my deadly 6 months studies in Foundation in Science or commonly known, as Pre-medic programme. Thank you, sekian... don't tell me I never mentioned these.

To be frank, I hate telling what I am doing for the past one month. Yeah, everytime, I took the bus home (from KTM Kajang after returning from college T-T), I will bumped into my acquaintances from Kajang Utama. Shoot! Why must I see them everyday? And, having to explain this and that to them. Currently, I bumped in to Suresh, which used to be the cutest Indian junior kid from my old school. He's still cute, always smiling, a heart-throb I must say. Then, I met another good junior, Amirul Akmal. A very hilarious boy. Very pro tennis player, (dah wakil selangor wey) and very talented in badminton (sayang kalah tahun lepas). I pitied this boy, because, he told me he wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon or something alike but he is not taking Biology for SPM, rather, he takes, engineering. Aiyaa kesian. But, I think he better be an engineer laa....senang skit belajar, ye dak? Hak3 (I am experiencing the hardness to become a doc now, so I know)

I also met several of my primary schoolmates, like Najihah and Auf. Well, Najihah seemed tired, so I didn't bother to have a chat with her. Auf on the other hand, was far sitting at the rear seat, and we just grin at each other. sorry to Najihah, sorry sebab tak sapa u kay? Jangan marah tau....:)

p/s: yeah....Irwan, umm, I used my forecast SPM result for the course I am taking...sekian

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gha great said...

hehe bile nampak aku?tp bru2 ni aku nmpk ko gk..sberang jln plak.haha susa nk tego xpe2 nxt time i will huhu