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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

what if I am blind?

Surprisingly, I am already at the place where I wanted to be. A place, far away from home, located mid in the capital city of Malaysia, where thousands of citizens going to and fro looking for a way of life, searching for dreams and pursuing their ambitions.

For Irwan, yes, as you will be knowing now, is that, I am in college. Studying is now like my whole life, as how my college's protocol has it own itself, "WE MAKE STUDYING YOUR LIFESTYLE"
Thanks, for rejuvenating my soul for blogging, which I might say, almost dead at first.

OOpss...I will continue my post right here, during chinese new year. And, I really hope, that, I could have a great time at college. An ease at whatever I am doing. InsyaALLAH. HE will help me, as long as I need HIM.

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My Yesterday! said...

which college are u studying right now??
tk pyah rsult spm??
course pe??