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Friday, 15 January 2010

Found something:)

Hi. Wow, today a lot of surprises arose. I just can't believe how happy my family was, when my little brother, got an offer to pursue his Form 4 and Form 5 studies in SM Sains Seremban. He will be going there on February 2010, and he was so thrill when we informed him the news. Good job!~ Alhamdulillah. Still I got a slight sad feeling since my only brother is leaving for boarding school...waaa! No one to tickle the bones with anymore.

Well, today is a free day for me. I was like so bored staying at home. I woke up quite late like usual after fell asleep right after Subuh. Upon awaken, I took my bath and started to tidying up my messy, dusty room. Eww...there's many falling hair all over. They are all my hair....I have hair fall since 2 years ago. Cut the crap....Ok...then I emptied my old cupboard, which is fulled of Form 3 textbooks. Then...I found something very memorable. My tears running down the cheek. A simple chat-notes my friends and I used to have during our boring time listening to a talk 2 years back.

this is what we called chat-notes, a very useful way of 'chatting' in an event

Not only, I found the notes, but I also found a class photo when we were in FORM 3 in SMK Kajang Utama. There were 45 of us in a class room, I think. Can't actually recall it. However, form 3 was a blast. I miss Lee Tsun Tatt,the class monitor, the teacher, Puan Marhaini, Sofiah Nur, a good friend, and also Chen Khai Xuen, a stuck-up boy.

Find me~2x

Rather than those two stuff, I found this box. Not a music box. Not a treasure box. But, a box of my first handphone, which I got it from dad. Sadly, that phone is no longer belongs to me, since it was stolen from me, when I was in Form 4. It happened because of my silly mistake, left the phone inside the school bag. Yes people. Serve me right:( I was so sad, because I left so many important documents in the phone, not to mention some photos taken during The Anti Crime Club meeting in Kedah.

The je yang tinggal:(

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