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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sorry cikgu:(

I sat on my fluffy bed, and stared at the MUST LIST I made when I was in form 4. The list stated, "I must get 11 A1's in all the subjects for SPM 2009" well that was before I made up my mind to take principle of accountancy. The 11 subjects I meant, included Biology.

It has been about 7 hours now since I left the school. I have been thinking too much and my head will explode in any second. What have been playing in my head was Biology, B for Biology. Why oh why? Why must it be B for the most intriguing paper I have encountered? Why must the most important paper flunk? Who should be blamed? And, if there is someone to be blamed, what's the benefit after all?

"Kalau dapat A untuk Biology, call cikgu yer!" This was the last word from Mrs Shela, my biology teacher. She moved to Sabah during SPM last year. I to be frank, was really confident with Biology. I was sure that one day, I could call Mrs Shela and brag about the shiny A for the very Biology paper. Sadly, the truth had revealed. No A for Biology, so shut!

It happened that I didn't have any reason to call dear Mrs Shela. I was afraid that I would ruin her day. She was really hoping to see the shiny A from us, her students. However, Allah knows better. HE has his own reason for doing this. Keep our faith up high! (kept telling me this over and over).

Suddenly, the phone rang. "DAYANA!!!" a scream came across. I knew it was from dearly Mrs Shela. "CIKGU!!" I replied, almost burst into tears. 

mrs. shela: macam mana boleh dapat B ni! Sedih cikgu. 

moi: Saya lagi sedih! Biology B!

mrs shela: tu laa...cikgu frust sangat. Tak senang duduk. Cikgu betul2 ingat u all boleh dapat A.

moi: Saya pun harap benda yang sama. Nak call cikgu pun tak sampai hati. Dah kecewakan cikgu!

mrs. shela: cikgu pun fikir apa salah cikgu. Ikutkan trial lagi susah!~ Haih...apa la kamu ni.

moi: cikgu tak salah apa2. Kami yang tak jawab dengan baik. Tapi serious, paper tu senang kami rasa. Tak la teruk macam trial. Tapi....B je...

mrs. shela: dulupun sama, ada budak dapat lain A1 tapi bio A2. Agaknya cikgu yang marking paper kamu strict kot.

moi: entahlaah...mungkin. Mak saya pun cakap benda yang sama. 
Sekarang nak apply JPA pun susah. 

mrs shela: ala....takpelaah. Ada hikmah sebalik semua ni. Kamu apply je semua, takyah ragu2. Mane tau ada rezeki.

moi: yup. tu la. saya akan apply. tapi sorry cikgu, dah hampakan cikgu. tu yang tak call cikgu tadi. rasa bersalah.

mrs shela: cikgu pun tak senang duduk selagi tak call kamu. tunggu kamu cool dulu, baru cikgu call ni. Haha.

moi: susah nak cool. Agaknya esok baru cool kot.

mrs shela: dah! sekarang, baik fikirkan masa depan. Jangan fikirkan benda yang dah lepas. Cikgu akan sentiasa doakan untuk kamu:)

moi: betul2... oh! terima kasih cikgu.... was so sweet of her for reminding me. So sweet for having time to call me and talk and mend this broken heart. I love her. But, I disappointed her. How's that going to be fine? 

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