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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Temporary Break, SPM RESULT and Miscellaneous

And again I was late for college. It was the last day of the semester one exam, and still I was late. It was just 5 minutes, but as you know, time is precious, masa itu emas. Therefore, I became panic, ran to the mall, got into the lift and tried to have my breath back. Shoot! the lift reached to the 27th floor while I had to be on the 29th. Ran again over the tiny steps to reach the final destination. The receptionist eyes glared at me sharply as I pulled the entrance door. Yeah! I know I am late! What with the eyes?

It was chemistry paper 1. 50 multiple choice questions just like what I have encountered for SPM 2009. Sadly, it was not the same entirely, it was like 4 times harder and trickier. I didn't even had the time to study on every chapter precisely so, I did what I knew and what I can recall. The rest leave it to ALLAH....The same went for the paper 2 and 3. I just wish the time given were longer. More time to think, to sketch the rough answer or more time to recheck. =.= Unfortunately, I guess it was just me who is whining after all.

At 1305 pm, everyone was becoming really happy, very excited and enthusiastic.  Some of my friends are looking forward to "balik kampung" as they want to take their dearly SPM Result tomorrow morning. Oh, yeah, tomorrow the 11th March 2010, will be a memoir for everyone who undertook SPM 2009. The result will be announced. The result that will change our lives in every degree. Of course, who won't be looking forward for those shiny Aces? I am too, but sometimes, we have to be calm, and just accept what will be achieved tomorrow. If unsatisfied, mind for re-seating? tak nak reseat

Yes, I will be tagging with dear Winnie Chiam for tomorrow's event. Going to school together like we used to do for those 2 years in SMK Kajang Utama. It will bring back the old memories. I just hope that I get what I've been targeted. It's so hard to be calm over this matter, not to mention having to fulfill some hopes from people surrounding me. I am so scared to letting them down. It would be like "killing them and myself by myself". Oh crap! I am damn scared.


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