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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Exam ended at 1305, walked to KTM station about 10 minutes, and waited like a log for about 40 minutes! Thank God Nina and Wee Wen were there accompanying, so the time flew faster than expected. 

Upon reaching Kajang, the blazing Sun killed my skin pigments. I wish I had put some sunblock on, sadly I didn't, so poor me for having this reddish-lobster tone on the face. I just hate to wait for the bus. The bus was like 30 minutes late, and thus I only managed to arrived home at 3.30 pm. Solat, then eat and off to watch stupid telenovela. 

I feel damn bored, and started to come online. While browsing through the net, the phone rang. And, it was meant for me. 

The phone call is from a representative from UiTM, calling for an interview. So, on Sunday, I have to forget the whole plan of volunteering at Education Fair with my college friends and the whole plan of sleeping. I will be off to Putrajaya the Audotorium or alike. So anyone bother to accompany me??? We can tag to a movie at Alamanda later? 

P/S: I have found a date mate to watch Alice In The Wonderland this Saturday. Yipee!!~

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Anonymous said...

dayana.. ko ade mohon utk uitm ke?