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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

When One Important Job ended, Emerge another problem

Hi everyone, or anybody who kindly spend their ample time clinching in this blog. Like everyone knows, the world is not about yourself, but also it is about people around you and the connection between us people with the environment. We do bad, it will fireback at us and vice versa if we do good. =.= crap.

Frankly, I wanna apologize for not being able to post "quality" articles or stories. It's not that I can't post them, but I am really lazy. However, as soon as I found something intriguing in mind, or something that I can brag about, you will definitely find it here, because Internet makes the bonds between us stronger, isn't it? Or is it only me who feel that way? 

Now, it's time to be REALLY like an 18 years old kid. The time when I can finally watch the "forbidden" parts in movies and also the time when I can finally be partially independent. Hooray! wish farewell to SPM and the school, and the stupid uniforms, as well as the annoying rules that you had hated so much in your life. You feel so extravagantly happy and excited. No more schools. But, the life awaits you? Have you guys have really sit down, and think about it? Haven't? Well....that's bad I must say.
Every now and then, people kept asking how did I do in my SPM. How was my result, and that's basically for people who really knows how old am I since I don't look like an 18 year old. =.=. As for me, I don't have that BIG trouble to keep bragging about the result I had in hand, since I managed to get a good one, and that's due to the fact that I did struggle hard to achieve it. 

So do you think the government could help me pursue my higher education after this? A lot of people tell me not to worry. My cousins are now so proud of me, which is a good thing. They are very confident, that I can get a scholarship or alike. But, will this be a reality for now? Maybe if I were the one who got this result 3 years back, I would definitely sitting in the sit for scholarships. But, now everything is still faded. Nothing seems to be of higher percentage to be realized. The competition for the scholarships and loans are getting to proliferate, meaning, I only have less than 40% of getting the chance. To be frank, this is a sad fact of life, that somehow or rather I must accept. 

Kickstarting with MARA and JPA, both of these I am not eligible for since I didn't reach to the minimum requirement. Ah...too bad, it's just because of one subject and there goes my chance. I am not even eligible for yayasan Khazanah's scholarship even though it won't be sponsoring medicine. For now, all I could do is pray. Is it Russia will be the place for me after this to really pursue medicine like I badly wanted? Or should I just finished up another mess of 3 months of foundation then continue studying in the country? It's so a dilemma. It feels like the result I had, was like almost nothing to be smiled about. (wOAH! That's so negative)

Nevertheless, my parents promised to help me with this. At the same time, feeling like I've been a burden that hardly give them anything in return. It feels bad, and indescribable. Maybe this is not what I should have been thinking about, but it just been stabbing me in the brain for ages. Anyhow, I have an advice for the juniors of mine, please do good in your studies, because these days, you're not only demanded to do good, but to be the best among the best. Don't procrastinate!!


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ari ney bufday ko ker? :P

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