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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Follow the heart, beware of misleading

Today, the 18th March, the morning blues strike me like it always did. Feeling so sleepy yet very hungry. I just need a way to stay full and not always hungry when I awake from a sleep.

I must have admit, right after being an 'adult', I have confronted a lot of changes. The changes are including:

1. My faces started to wrinkle with zits all around, and OXY hadn't be working.
2. Gaining on weight and not putting any effort to slash these fats down. 
3. Worsen panda eyes.
4. Emotional as if I am pregnant.
5. Transforming into a nagging woman who thinks she's so perfect.
So, that is basically all the changes I've noticed so far. The no.2 is a very important one, I need to trim down people. No one will eventually sees a fat tummy as attractive as before. :P 

The above were some craps. Hey, Alice in The wonderland is fully reserved! it's sad. 

Ok. Now be serious. Follow the heart generally means follow what you intention to do. Never lost hope, never listen to others saying, and do what you feel right. However, should we REALLY have to follow the heart. Will it be okay if we just do whatever we wanted to do, without doing any research or compiling the pros and cons at first? Will you be happy to do the thing you wanna do so much, even though at the beginning and at the end you tend to hurt the people who surround and love you? So, I have come to the conclusion that, we MUST never just do what we love to do, unless proper consideration have been put across and together with the decision we are making. 

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