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Monday, 12 April 2010

Massive Headache

Well, today is like the usual Monday Blues. I am late for Biology class for about 5 minutes, I bumped into Laila at Putra KTM station and she went:

"Wey, you ni selamba je. Dah lambat ni! Kalau I, dah lama lari!"

Hahaha, I just laugh out. Maybe I am used to be late to classes since I was at school, so I never bother. To start the post, I must say that the day started with a cheer. I actually love to have someone to go to college with, like today, having Laila to accompany me, so it wasn't so boring.

In class, everyone was busy finishing up math tutorials on Series. I myself have yet to finish it, the several questions are so tough, it's like doing calculus, I need to rely on either Nina, Aida or Prethiba to get it done. Luckily, Miss Kaldip showed some empathy, but postponing the dateline to this Friday. Hahaha. Seriously, no fun with this.

For Chemistry tutorial, I just did a few questions that I am confident with, and leave out the rest. I don't know when can I finish them all, but it must be sent in as soon as possible. Crap, again procrastinating. I think I need to see Miss Kho, the Chemistry Lecturer tomorrow, I definitely has lost my mind in Chemistry, giving me the headache that make me wanna vomit.

As for today, Biology was terrifyingly boring exciting. Genetic Control was the the topic we learnt today. Hooray =.=. It is all about DNA Replication, many new enzymes are now known, like DNA Ligase, RNA Polymerase, and so many new terms, like pyridine, purine, lagging and leading strands and many more. I wish I can craved them in this memory stick of the Brain as quick as I can. Even mathematics are getting harder in semester II. So, I can't no longer be as chill as I was for the previous semester. NOW I need to Focus!~

Having a nice chat with Aida, a best friend from college in the train, was interesting. I will miss her terribly:) if she got MARA. Then, after reaching Kajang, I made my way on foot to Maybank. You never know how far is Maybank from KTM Kajang! I had sore feet for walking under the blazing hot sun. From Maybank, I went back to KTM station to wait for the bus to get home. Therefore, it was a tiring day for me, having sore feet, and feeling unhealthy because I assumed that I had this killed skin pigments. No more flawless skin :(

Upon reaching home, I was glad my dear mak long was here, and straightly went to check for a second call from JPA. Unfortunately, I failed again. It's so disheartened. I might not have been expecting too much since the start, now I am the one who have to face the big lost. Boo me people!!~

p/s: waiting for UPU, I hope I get a chance for UM OR UIA.

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