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Thursday, 15 April 2010


2010 Tag And Answer :P 
:P I was tagged by Nina

5 orang yang masih hidup dan x boleh lupa  

1. Mama:)   
2. Sofiah Nur, a friend 
3. Aida nabila and Nina Zulkifli, collegemates :)  
4. Miss Renata, my ruskeen teacher   
5. khayra amani, asyraf and shakir, my nieces and nephews:)

5 barang yang korang sayang nk buang.    

1. Azyana, a cat toy  
2. songs given by someone used to be special   
3. my old school books 
4. trial  exam sheets given by fahmi :)   
5. hmm...nothing? 

3 bende yang diimpikan dan harap akan menjadi kenyataan satu hari nanti     

1. specializing in Obts/Gynecologist   
2. buy a car of mini cooper   
3. marrying a good/noble/hardworking/loving/caring husband and have as many kids as I wanted. buy a house and bla333

5 org yg nak dtag
-Arepa (Megat)

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